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What to pack for Costa Rica

The less you can!

The first time I traveld to Costa Rica I was not prepare for anything, so only for you here you are some tips I learned about live and travel in Costa rica over the years.

The most important tips I can give you is bring the less you can, now Costa rica is full of shops and malls soo you can find anything you need; most of the time more affordable than in europe.

But I always love to bring something to feel like home!

For the yoga practice: Yoga Towel.

The heat of Costa Rica will naturally increase the temperature of your practice. There’s nothing more annoying than being in downward facing dog pose and battling with your hands not to slip because of your sweat. A yoga towel will prevent this!


The hotel has a pooland is near a beach, a bikini is a must. after the yoga practice, a dip in the ocean or pool is a fabulous way to cool off. I recommend bringing at least two so you can switch between them while the other one dries out.

Yoga Clothing.

If this wasn’t obvious enough! 
◦ 5 light tops – some with built-in bras for the ladies.
◦ 5-6 shorts or light pants – the heat will mean you’ll want to wear as little as possible.

Light PJ’s.

In the green season, the heat can be felt at night time. I like to sleep in a big shirt and my underwear. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing this, I recommend a very light shirt and shorts.

Nice Clothing.

In most yoga resorts in Costa Rica, dinner time is a time to dress nicely and enjoy the food and company around you. Bring 3 to 4 casual but nice dresses. For men, 3 to 4 nice shirts and pants will be great.

Casual Clothing.

After practicing yoga and before dinner time, you’ll want to be in casual, relaxing clothing. For the adventures don’t forget a very confortable long pants, usefull for canopy and a walk in the forest. It’s a must to wear to protect you from the moscitos’ bites.


You’ll need this to travel in and out of Costa Rica. Double check your passport’s expiration date.

Wallet – Card/cash.

I recommend bringing both your credit card and cash. Some places only accept cash! Remember the tibs are included in all of the service in Costa Rica.


A flashlight is mandatory when walking on the beach or around the property at night. There’s a lot of exotic and mysterious animals in this country. The last thing you want is to tread on one of Costa Rica’s less-understanding creatures!


You’ll be soaking up lots of sun. It’s very important to protect yourself from sunburn. Be careful with your sun exposure. Don’t forget your sunscreen – minimum factor 30. I suggest you a factor 50+.

Insect Repellent.

This is a must. Depending on the time of year, mosquitos can be in abundance in Costa Rica. I suggest you to buy one at your arrival in Costa rica.


Don’t get caught in a rain storm! An umbrella can save you. Or if you are lost during the day you can use it to not get a sun-burn.

Favourite book.

I love bringing a good book on my vacation. Remember this is a time for you to unwind and relax. Getting lost in one of your favorite books by the ocean, pool, or in bed can add that little extra to your week.


Whether it’s your first time or not to Costa Rica, there’s always something new to see. Sloths, flowers, sunrises, and so much more. You’ll be glad to have a means of capturing Costa Rica’s beauty.

Yoga Holidays with ViviYoga


Water Shoes. There’re many exertions on offer where water shoes will come in really handy. If you’re swimming in the ocean during low tide, you’ll be grateful for your water shoes. I’ve prevented many cuts on my toes thanks to my water shoes.
Sandals. Regular sandals to get you through the day.
Running Shoes. In case you want to take a walk or jog, or even go hiking. Active shoes are great.

Water Bottle.

Sure, you can keep refilling a cup with water, but a water bottle enables you to keep water with you at all times in greater supply. Don’t forget the heat, keeping hydrated is essential. At Hotel amapola you can find a cold, fresh and free filtreted-water fountain.


I love to stay in the sun and walk around all day so I always bring a hat to be free to walk around to discover a new butterfly, sloths or aramacaco on the trees.


Costa Rica is a great place to visit. The locals welcome you with huge smiles, the food is delicious, and the nature is incredible.

A Costa Rican yoga holiday is the best way to live the pura vida lifestyle.
Let this be a time for you to re-centre – to disconnect from your job, family, marriage, kids and life at home.

Now you’re ready to pack your bags, unwind and enjoy your yoga holiday in beautiful Costa Rica!



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