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The Practice of yoga

When you go to your next yoga class, think about this: yoga asanas are not one shape that everyone could do in the same way, if only they could get strong or flexible enough.

In my personal experience I had very bad yoga teachears, I was injured and they never consider my limitations in a class, they always pushed me too far; I was thinking to quit yoga and I thought that I will never ever be able to practice again. Then I finally met a good teacher and I realised thet yoga was really the solution of my all mobility’ problems.

After a year of practice I understand the true meaning of this quote:

“Yoga is a personal conversation with self.”

It’s better to practice not to attain every advanced pose but to strengthen and heal —and protect your limitations even if the person next to you can do more.

I did not find a studio in my area to really practice yoga as I wanted, so I studied and practiced every day to finally be able to teach.

I see my class as a room full of different bodies and with different feeling.

I invite my student to say NO if I tell them to go or move into a place that doesn’t work for them.

Yoga is a journey into curiosity from moment to moment, and the shape in which you end up should be the right one for you, in that moment. Even if that asana is Child’s Pose.

This is why I call it Practice of yoga, not a Yoga’ Class.
Make sure your yoga is truly yours.

Join me in this amazing #yogaretreat in 2020 in Costa Rica or just for a practice in Alba.

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