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Fundraising Yoga Classes

On December 3rd, I am joining forces with studios all over the world, to raise funds to support children in Aruba suffering from sexual abuse and violence.
All money raised is donated to the Yoga Girl® Foundation. The Yoga Girl Foundation supports women and children who suffer the consequences of trauma, injustice, abuse and poverty. They provide emotional, financial and medical aid to support healing and empower growth. The foundation was founded 2018 in Sweden by Rachel Brathen Schoneveld and Shama Persson. 

We can practice at my home: 9.30 am, 10.30, am and 5.30 pm. All classes will start with a cup of YogiTea to get you confortable, and for all the duration of the class we will listen to music to help us deepen the experience. The class will be for only 3 people.

I choose to host this #givingtuesday because I truly believe in this Foundation and what a better period of the year to give back! I have not a lot in my life but it’s enough for me and my kid. Eduardo an I desided together to help the children of Aruba.

If you can’t come to my home to practice with us, you can donate at this link:

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