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12 Days Of Christmas Kindness

Some of you have heard the classic Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It’s the song about swimming swans, turtle doves, and pear trees. Just like the song, I wanted to take the twelve days of Christmas theme and combine it with random acts of kindness.

So all I’m asking is for twelve days out of your month. Doesn’t matter when these days fall; just twelve days of kindness at any time is all you need. Also, remember that these acts of kindness are only suggestions. You know yourself and your family better than anyone. Just use my tips as a framework, and then plan your own twelve days! (Don’t forget to share with me how it goes! Share on my facebook page or IG account.

1. Donate clothing or household items.

Anything that is gently used and could live a second life, if given the chance, consider placing in a donate pile. If you have children, have them go through their toys and explain to them how it’s important to give to others when they have more than they need.

2. Pay for someone else.

Whether it’s at a grocery store or at a coffee shop (bar), offer to pay for another person’s purchase. Who knows, maybe he/she will pay it forward too and keep the cycle going!

3. Leave gift cards in loved ones’ mailboxes.

Do you have friends with specific needs who may not want to fess up or ask for help? Well, leaving gift cards to help their needs is a great way to provide for them without making them feel uncomfortable or in the spotlight.

4. Reconnect with a loved one/friend.

Give your old friend or family member a call and take the time to catch up while telling her what she means to you and the impact she had on your life.

5. Donate to your local food pantry.

Fill up a grocery cart with others in mind and head to the food pantry. Call ahead to the pantry to see what they are lacking so you know just what to buy!

6. Give a stranger a compliment.

Give a stranger a compliment, maybe while you’re on a bus stop, or at the post office.

7. Leave a gift for the mailman and the garbage collectors.

These people have worked long hours serving you all year long, so show your appreciation!

8. Babysit for a single parent.

Single parents need time to get some Christmas shopping done or to take a break over the holidays. Give them that time by offering to babysit for a night!

9. Take supplies to an animal shelter.

Don’t forget about the animals that need you this time of year! Donate items or go and play with the dogs and cats for awhile while you are there. They deserve a gift this time of year as well.

10. Buy a gift that gives back.

Support organizations that give back with your purchase.

11. Hold open the doors for people.

Help a mum with a stroller or an old lady to enter in a shop.

12. Make someone’s Christmas wish come true!

Christmas is a magical time of year. And we have the opportunity to be that magic for someone else! Do you know someone who has always had the same Christmas wish that hasn’t yet come true? Take action, and find a way! There’s nothing like giving someone a Christmas surprise that they will never forget.

Me and my kid will be starting tomorrow! Did you know that my kid is a boyscout? so we’re all about kindness all year, but this year we need more kindness, don’t you think? So move on and start your 12 days of Christmass kindness, too.

Support local shops and small business, if you like I have soo many online retreats and yoga practice for you and your friends. Write me! Love Vivi

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