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Yoga Toolkit for the Holidays

How to use yoga in your life #holidaysyogatips

Ease Holiday headaches

Do you suffer from holiday headaches? YOGA HELPS.

Do this simple sequence to alleviate the pain and feel better:
1. Take a few deep breaths and do some shoulders roll.
2. Try Cat-Cow pose to engage your upper back
3. Do a gentle neck release.
4 Wind your arms in Eagle pose. Hold for a few breaths, then reap on the other side.
5. Gentle massage your shoulder, blades, neck, and jaw with your hands.
4. Engage in a few minutes in Nadi Shodana Pranayama (alternative nostril breathing)
5. Transition in Child’s pose and then Savasana for 15-20 min.

Do you need a break from shopping and cooking too much? A short mental reset it’s what you really need.

The breath has the power to fuel an inner fire that eliminates stagnation in the hips. It can cool an overheated mind and drop you in the present moment.
This powerful tool is available to you at any time, on and off the mat.

Practice the breath of Fire. A Kundalini technique that involves quick breathing throws the nostrils paired with exaggerated belly pulses. When I feel stressed out I usually feel in my stomach. Breathe of fire usually dissolved it, while stimulating my nervous system.

How to do it:
1. Start in a seated with folded legs position. Sit up nice and tall.
2. Spot your hands on your knees, palms confronting upward.
3. Breathe in through your nose, feeling your stomach grow as you do as such.
Without stopping, breathe out powerfully through your nose while getting your muscular strength. Keep your breaths in and breathes out equivalent long.
4. Proceed with the musicality, breathing in latently and breathing out powerfully. Rehash a few times to rehearse.
5. Presently, accelerate the breaths in and breathes out. Yours breathes out ought to be incredible and noisy. Rehash for 30 seconds.

Beauty tips to make your skin glowing

Learn to let go. If we are holding back hurt feelings or fear, these emotions can lead to unnecessary inflammation, which manifests itself on our skin. For example, negative feelings can lead to accelerated aging, as they can promote the production of inflammatory mediators. Give yourself time to process your emotions and avoid repressing them, then let them go. This helps you prevent toxins from building up and damaging your natural glow! Practice!


If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more about how I integrate into my daily life, I can help you! Contact me for one of my online retreats, available all year round for you and your friends.

Follow @theviviyoga to keep up with my events.


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