About Me

Viviana Nencioni

Yoga Teacher and Marketing Consultant

I dedicated my life studing and working in the hospitality business. I was a manager in big international tourist enterprise, but motherhood took by surprice and I decided to take some time off, then I manage few more projects, and I started practicing yoga every day and I became a certified yoga teacher in Hatha Yoga. I studied and trained in Costa rica and Italy over the course of several years.

I create ViviYoga to share with you these beutiful yoga retreats to combine my passion for yoga and travel. For myself and those who attend my retreats, I like the experince to be inspirationaland rejuvenating, not exhausting. Once you’ve taken the time away, you sould make the most of it and really feel your cup.

  • Yoga teacher
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Content Manager
  • Web Disegner
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