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Cultivating Intuition

How I cultivate my Intuition during the last 5 weeks with Dagmar Spremberg.

It was the beginning of November 2019, I was looking for a mentor, the inspiration for my work and my life, so I found a free 5-DAY Yoga challenge : INGNITE YOUR SPARK by Dagmar Spremberg. The moment I received the first e-mail I felt on the right path, finally! I enjoyed the next 5 days with her simple, yet powerful tools to deepen my practice and quiet my busy mind. She shared with a group some simple steps to take to show up for ourselves and it was very powerful for me. It wasn’t complicated and not even 60 min per day! It was exactly as she wrote to me! At the end of the first email she wrote a “BONUS: I will honor the most active person in the challenge with a free membership to my paid online yoga retreat program Cultivating Intuition, which will run next in January 2020. So share your experience, ask questions, comment on other people’s post the next 5 days and enjoy this special opportunity to be a part of my 5-week program to create lasting change in your life!

I won! It was the best way to end my 2019 and to start the 2020!!

Now after the 5 weeks of CULTIVATING INTUITION by Dagmar Spremberg I would like to share what really changed in my life after these amazing weeks with Dagmar and the other beautiful friends I found. We are a very international group of women, that’s what I liked the most. The online yoga retreat program was very easy to manage with my daily life. Every week she gave us a buffet of practices to choose from and integrate in our life: a meditation, a yin practice, a video of a vinyasa practice recorded on the beautiful beach of Montezuma in Costa Rica, an homework, a weekly call with her on a facebook and a tip to spark our week. It was really magical and helped me soo much. When I started I was feeling insecure and scared about what’s going on in my life, but I was not alone in my practice anymore. I was safe and ready to be inspired by my practice and supported by the community. I spent my free time practicing Yin yoga and journaling. I start to meditate everyday. Some day I felt lost but after my practice of yoga and meditation, I felt better. My yoga practice grew as my ability to listen to my body and move my energy as I need to feel better again; with no homeopathy, no cream to smooth my skin only Me. At the end of the retreat I had to make a video about my mission in life: about what’s really important for me and I did it. This retreat gave me a final push to get out of my comfort zone and ask for more help in other part of my life. Now I have new tools that are already helping me in my daily life to feel less damage or weird.

With this post I what to thank you Dagmar for this GIFT. I asked to the universe for help and you gave me this experience that I will never forget.

You can find all the information about Dagmar here in her website:

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