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Your practice reflects your life

The way you live life is the way you most likely practice your yoga. Think about it for a moment: Do you get frustrated and angry easily? Do you need to do everything perfectly? Are you usually quite hard on yourself and always push yourself, or do you never push yourself at all? Do you say you want to practice yoga but never find time! It’s good to be aware of this.

You don’t want the way you live your life to influence the way you practice yoga, you want the way you practice on the mat influences the way you live your life!!!

This is how you take yoga with you off the mat into your daily life.

When you take a yoga class, consider this: How do you want to approach the class? You decide—and it takes a lot of awareness to be able to make a different because you’re creating the opportunity in your daily life to make a different.

Don’t worry if you are not able to do all the poses in a yoga’ class. Yoga is also about knowing when to back off, just breathe and move on to the next asana. Take a childs pose and rest if you need it.

I personally have to keep reminding myself that is not what yoga is about. As a teacher I feel the pressure, for example to be able to do everything with elegance and ease.

Well, this is a dream. Some poses are hard for me; some poses, I cannot even do. There are poses I don’t do very elegantly, or the way some other yogi can do them. 

Enjoy learning about yourself and allowing yourself to change.

This is the practice of yoga!

Take your practice into your daily life and it will change your life.


If you want to start your yoga practice with me I offer a Mini Course of 5 classes contact me.

Namaste, Viviana.

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