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6 Steps to make yoga a regular part of your life

How do you give yourself the best chance of creating a yoga habit and making it stick?

It’s September, time to create new habit. Try these steps for building a consistent practice, even when interferences inevitably arise. Here are a simple six steps to get you started.

1. Start small

Whether you’re new to yoga or are recommitting to your practice after a break, give yourself time to create an habit. If you’re looking to (re)commit to a daily yoga practice, perhaps begin with five or ten minutes a day for the first week and slowly build that time up. Even if you spend 5 minutes with your legs up on the wall focusing on your breath – great! Those 5 minutes of conscious awareness may just be the most beneficial minutes of the entire day.

2. Set an intention

Pausing for a moment to set an intention for your practice allows you to tap into the current of bliss that exists within all of us. There are a lots of reasons to practice yoga but they need to resonate with you and fit in with your lifestyle. your intention has to be powerful enough to motivate you when life gets in the way … which it will! Create your own Mantra: Today I choose…take a big deep breath and keep going with your yoga practice.

3. Choose consistency over perfection

Habit-building isn’t an all or nothing task – it’s an ongoing process. We’re all unique and the time we take to form a habit will differ for everyone. If you fall out of the wagon, miss a day. Don’t worry! My advice is to take it one day at a time: every day is a new possibility.

4. Create a ME-time

Give yourself a much needed time for yourself. It’s such a wonderful gift. It might be sound like a paradox but when you give you the time to spend by yourself then you’ll be able to connect more with other. Yoga can be it!

5. Remember Why

Remember why it is you’re making this change and remind yourself regularly the benefits. Reading books, articles or inspirational blogs on the subject, writing your own reminders down to motivate yourself can all help to keep you focused on the bigger picture.  The main reasons why we practice: to change our experience of how energy moves in the body.

6. DIY Yoga Studio at Home

Create Space for a dedicated Home Practice. You don’t need fancy props or don’t even need a mat. I usually create space in my living room if I want to practice a vinyasa flow to have more space. If I want to practice Yin Yoga I usually do in my bedroom because it gives me a sense of coziness. First I light some candles and some palo santo steak. I use essentials oils as lavander or breathe of doTerra to help me relax and breathe more deeply. As props you can use some pillows, towels and big book if you don’t have a block. I love to practice with music. Music often leads my practice. I create few playlists in Spotify: Yoga practice from the HeartYoga Gentle flowViviYoga 60″ flow. Remember the most important part is show up for yourself.

7. Join the Community

Yoga provides you with an instant community of fellow yogis. “People become friends for life.” It’s really about sharing your experiences with others. A local class or a yoga class live @home with a teacher there’s a real bond that spreads among a group of yogis who’ve chosen the same type of experience.

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Try My Practice 

Prior to beginning, I utilize movement such as walking or a gentle stretches. Movement helps me shift my energy into a state more receptive to my practice. If you need a help to get you started, I designed a Mini Course for beginners: 5 practices of 60″ to introduce you to the practice of Hata yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.

Be part of our community.

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