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You know you love your flow class, but did you ever think about WHY it feels so good? My Reasons to Practice Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa yoga addresses the stiff culture we live in.

The Western world has become a seated society, which is why vinyasa yoga is so important: its orientation is breath, and movement in a seated society is absolutely essential for health. Vinyasa yoga gets us moving! Right?

Vinyasa yoga trains the mind.

We are able to focus on many things at once. Step by step we expand the mind with the practice. Without proper training, the mind jumps all over the place, distracting us from working on the parts of our beings that will actually help us evolve. Vinyasa yoga gives us the ability to process what the practice brings up to the surface — the joyful stuff and sometimes the uncomfortable ones.

Vinyasa yoga teaches us how to heal.

Inside the muscles, we hold the memories of every emotion we’ve ever experienced: sadness, fear, anger, etc. Through the asanas, we can tap into these memories and process our pasts. It’s the asanas that release the emotions out of the body. Being a yogi really means engaging in the process of healing: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It pushes you to your limits.

This style can seriously push your physical limits. This style incorporates elements from all schools of yoga, so even if you’ve mastered those Iyengar standing poses, you’ll find yourself in all new territory when the instructors throws in a Anusara inversion. You’ll push the limits of your strength, flexibility, and balance with Vinyasa yoga. The only ‘break’ you’ll get is in resting poses like Downward Dog, which will lead right into another, more challenging pose.

It’s perfect for beginners.

It’s easy to find classes tailored specifically to beginners that will still provide a healthy challenge. This style is also a great way to learn the basics of pranayama, or yogic breathing, since the instructor will tell you when to inhale and exhale during each pose.

Vinyasa is fun!

With the flowing movements and great music usually playing, this style feels like a dance! There is no better feeling than seeing yourself flow into the perfect warrior pose.

What do you love about Vinyasa yoga? Let me know in the comments!
Practice with Me anytime you want with great music ! It’s so much fun.

Roll out your yoga mat!
Your yoga mat is a place to: explore, investigate, grow, love, laugh, accept ..and relax.
I’ll be on my mat if you need me, let me guide you. Choose your practice!

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