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Unleash your creative potential with yoga

How do you tap into that truly transformative energy of creativity? 

We get blocked by dead-end career paths, robotic daily routines, or too much drama in our relationships without the momentum to make change. That’s because we can’t flow toward the life we want. So how do you tap into that truly transformative energy of creativity?

Via the chakras, first mentioned thousands of years ago in sacred Hindu texts called the Upanishads. Described as interconnected nodes within the subtle-energy body, the chakras run along your spine and essentially map to your endocrine and hormonal systems. It’s the second chakra, SVADISTHANA, that holds the key to unlocking and release the energy you need to make changes. Energetically, the second chakra rules creativity, emotions, joy, enthusiasm, and sensuality. It’s located near your sacrum and hips, below your navel. When Svadisthana energy is in balance you can access feelings of abundance, joy, and pleasure, and clear the way for creative energy to flow freely.

However, when it’s blocked, by emotional trauma or chronic stress, you are unable to connect with your passions. You also tend to try to control everything. You might be unable to embrace deep self-love. Physically, the body can manifest the imbalance as unexplained lower-back pain and tight hips.

My inner nature is endlessly creative and the source of true joy.

Affirmation to unlock the second chakra

Our predominantly desk lives can easily imbalance the second chakra. We sit more, and for longer periods, than ever, resulting in restricted hips that inhibit the second chakra’s creative energies to flow. One of the most accessible ways to find second chakra balance is through asana. Yoga’s physical postures allow prana to flow, activating energy.

When the second chakra is balanced, you can meet challenges with curiosity and playfulness, rather than letting your emotions carry you away.

In my experience, a hip-focused yoga practice can release discomfort. However a hip-opening practice can make us feel vulnerable. If that applies to you, bring your awareness to your breath to find a grounding sense of stability as you practice. During this kind of yoga practice I always say to my student to pay attention as you move through the practice to see where you encounter resistance, then use your breath to soften that resistance.

I want to share with you a yoga practice designed to help you spark svadisthana and tap into your creative potential. A practice to go inward and invite new spaciousness into the body and heart; to massage, open, and lubricate the hips for maximum comfort, and ultimate transformation. With the flowing movements and great music usually playing, this sequence feels like a dance! There is no better feeling than seeing yourself flow into the perfect warrior pose. I create this amazing 3 days yoga experince to do LIVE from your home. Or you can book a practice with me to help you boost your creativity.

Roll out your yoga mat!
Your yoga mat is a place to: explore, investigate, grow, love, laugh, accept ..and relax.
I’ll be on my mat if you need me, let me guide you. Choose your practice!

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